Claire Weetman, Visual Artist
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Figure Studies

Drawings onto windows in public spaces capture the movement of people on the opposite side - a silent dialogue emerges as the viewer becomes the focus of the artwork when their outline appears, creating a tension where they are unsure whether they ought to remain perfectly still, run away or to play with the artist's markmaking.

  • Performance at Prestival, Preston, July 2007.

  • "Untitled - four panels" an installation at "Liverpool International Artists", Novas CUC, Liverpool, September 2008.

  • "Feeling a little up and down" an intervention in the lift of Manchester City Art Gallery, October 2007.

  • "Wilkommen im Rathaus", produced for "Six Artist from St Helens", The Rathaus, Stuttgart (D)

  • Albert Dock, Liverpool. Part of the exhibition "Lines of Investigation" curated by Claire Weetman.

  • "Stepped" cantilevered panels featuring outlines of walking legs

  • "Drawing a Crowd" Drawing on four perspex panels. 30x30x30cm £150

  • Figure Study 4 (Newsreader). Pencil on tracing paper.