Claire Weetman, Visual Artist
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One flow obscured by another
Video projection and spray painted walls

Changing geographies inspired the work 'One flow obscured by another' which was produced during New Mills Arts Festival 2014.  During the late 19th century the way people traverse the deep gorge running through this Derbyshire town changed.  Steep pathways and packhorse bridges to cross the rivers Sett and Goyt were replaced by high arch road bridges which united previously separate parts of the town, while railway tunnels and viaducts cut through the rock and across the river.  This layering and intertwining of transport routes is built into the repeated drawing made up of river, arch bridge and tunnel designs, which was jet washed onto a pavement in New Mills.  The current-day movement of people across that pavement wears away the marks over a period of weeks, creating a new flow within the landscape of the drawing. A time lapse video of the deteriorating jet washed drawing is projected in a room whose walls are stencilled with the same design.

This work was supported by Arts Council Grants for the Arts, Halton Borough Council and New Mills Arts Festival

  • Installation view at the Brindley Arts Centre

  • Single channel projection at the Brindley Arts Centre

  • Detail of stencilled wall design