Claire Weetman, Visual Artist
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Community engaged arts projects

An essential part of Claire's practice is working with others to create art. She is at ease working with all ages and groups, creating work that engages them, tells stories and allows people to express themselves using visual art.

  • An animation was produced through work with displaced residents from the Rock Ferry area of Wirral, Merseyside, whose houses were still standing 4 years after they were moved out.

  • 'Chatham Road' animation being screened on a cycle powered cinema in the community where it was created.

  • Claire is at ease working with all ages and groups of people, specialising in work with early years and families.

  • Claire has the skills to engage young people in visual art activity, such as at this youth club in Burnley where the boys became involved in drawing.

  • This animation was produced in Salford using a poem written by the participants as its inspiration for a work that mapped the area.

  • A combination of media including drawing, photography and collage were used in this project with older adults in St Helens.

  • Innovative methods involving games such as a treasure hunt encourage people to get involved in art activities.