Claire Weetman, Visual Artist
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Practice-led arts workshops

Claire devises workshops that are linked to her creative practice. Using a variety of methods she enables participants to explore ideas around movement and drawing. Workshops are adapted to the needs of the group she is working with.

  • Group drawing made at Haydock English Martyrs, Y3 class. The children created patterns with graphite powder and masking tape and included their silhouettes in the composition.

  • Y2 pupils at St Bede's Infants exploring the use of a projection to create drawings.

  • Y2 pupils at St Bede's Infants exploring markmaking inspired by verbs about movement. Here they are creating a 'snail trail' drawing.

  • Y2 children at St Bedes creating outline figure drawings using photographs and carbon paper.

  • Adults exploring using silhouettes, shadows and charcoal in a full day workshop at The Brindley, Runcorn.

  • A drawing created by an adult participant at a drawing workshop exploring graphite powder, charcoal, markmaking and basic animation.

  • Still from a video created during the Big Draw Digi-dot-to-dot event in Congleton Leisure Centre. Inspired by the 2012 Olympic Pictograms.

  • Participant going around the obstacle course at the Big Draw Digi-dot-to-dot event to create a time lapse outline of a cyclist.

  • Book pages made with the Citi-dis-arts group, using verbs describing journeys combined with marks that visualise those movements.