Claire Weetman, Visual Artist
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Public realm projects

Using methods that involve participants in the design process, Claire has designed and realised a range of permanent public realm artworks for locations including windows, playgrounds, health and children's centres, plus temporary works in the environment.

  • Children aged 3 contributed to the design of these privacy panels for the windows of their nursery school. Digital print on vinyl.

  • Process-led family workshops explored movement, leading to the design of these playground markings for a children's centre.

  • A 'Birds in flight' sculpture, printed dibond panels and playground markings enliven the long walk to this children's centre in Merseryside.

  • A flexible artwork framing system is combined with wall vinyls that incorporate children's drawings and storytelling.

  • Collaged canvases created with a local primary school cut through the atrium of this health centre.

  • A drawing of the library is collaged with cuttings from books, welcoming visitors. Digital print on wallpaper.

  • Large scale drawings created on a beach by teams of primary school children shuffling around a pivot point. (The team on the right fell over)

  • Large scale drawing inspired by observing natural cracks, crevices and water flows at the beach. Created by GCSE students.